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Dictionary of Australian slang . 2013.

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  • Big 8 — or Big Eight may refer to:*Big 8 (Usenet) the original 8 top level hierarchies in the Usenet news group collection *Once the Big eight accounting firms in the United States, then became the Big Six , is now the Big Four. *Big Eight Conference a… …   Wikipedia

  • Big — (b[i^]g), a. [Compar. {Bigger}; superl. {Biggest}.] [Perh. from Celtic; cf. W. beichiog, beichiawg, pregnant, with child, fr. baich burden, Arm. beac h; or cf. OE. bygly, Icel. biggiligr, (properly) habitable; (then) magnigicent, excellent, fr.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Big J — (* 1984 in Linz, auch bekannt als J, Brooklinz Finest oder Austriaz Most Blunted) ist ein österreichischer Rapper. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Leben 2 Auszeichnungen 3 Diskografie …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Big O — can refer to any of: * Ω, or Omega, the translation of which literally reads big O or great O . * Big O notation, asymptotic behavior in mathematics and computing * The Big O , A Japanese anime series * Orgasm (slang) * Olympic Stadium (Montreal) …   Wikipedia

  • Big Al — may refer to:* Big Al (Australian comedian) * Big Al (book), a children s picture book by Andrew Clements * Big Al (fossil), a nearly complete dinosaur specimen discovered in Wyoming in 1991 * Big Al (mascot), the elephant mascot of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Big M — is a brand of flavoured milk that was established in Victoria in 1978 [ [ Big M origins product range] ] . Its distribution has expanded to include the states of New South Wales and Queensland as well as… …   Wikipedia

  • Big K — can refer to:* Kuhn s Big K, southeast American department store chain of 106, sold out to Wal Mart in 1981. * K Mart aka Big K * A store brand used by Kroger (and subsidiaries) for soft drinks. * A national UK computer magazine, Big K, that… …   Wikipedia

  • Big B — may refer to:* Amitabh Bachchan or Big B, Indian actor * Big B (film), a 2007 Malayalam film directed by Amal Neerad * Big B (rapper), an American rap artist * Big B Drugs …   Wikipedia

  • Big TV! — Big TV redirects here. For the Indian television station, see BIG TV. Big TV! is the working name of film directors Andy Delaney and Monty Whitebloom. They are employed by DNA, Inc. and are known for their commercials and music videos. They are… …   Wikipedia

  • Big FM — is a nationwide private FM radio station in India owned by Indian businessman Anil Ambani. It broadcasts at 92.7 Megahertz.Currently, it covers 44 cities. This is the only private FM radio station which is being broadcast from Srinagar and Jammu… …   Wikipedia

  • Big E — may refer to:* USS Enterprise (CV 6) * USS Enterprise (CVN 65) * The Big E, also known as The Eastern States Exposition * Eric Lindros, a hockey player nicknamed The Big E …   Wikipedia

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